Contract Servicing

SPLTech currently repair under contract for many companies who import or require local service for there products. We can act as your representative to your customer or as your authorized service agent.

Some companies importing don't require a full time service centre so they use us as their service centre. SPLTech can provide a complete reverse logistic service were goods can be shipped direct to our workshop and dispatched back to the customer. We then invoice you for the services provided so you can in turn invoice your customer.

On items regularly repaired or services supplied we can negotiate a service rate or fixed price repair. This enables you to quote beforehand on the cost so the customer knows the repair or service price in advance.

Obviously there is a steep learning curve involved in any new product and this system enables you to save money. We bear the cost of training on the new equipment and reap the rewards latter as more units come in for service.

SPLTech can provide returns processing for warranty administration, returns verification and other programs related to the repairs and the bulk shipments from channel partners seeking restocking.

If inventory management of field spares and management and administration of field exchange programs does not justify a dedicated position within your company than allow SPLTech to be that management company. This will allow you to implement exchange programs to exceed your customer's high expectations with regards to service levels.

we are the premier solution service provider of.

  • Unparalleled Technical Expertise
  • Volume Rework Solutions
  • Comprehensive National Coverage
  • Call-centre Facilities
  • Real-time Online Service Support
  • Integrated Logistical Support
  • Quality Assurance
  • Program Management

SPLTech is committed to the delivery of fast turnaround repair/analysis solutions for professional and industrial electronic equipment and other electronic consumer products. In addition, we also offer the following services:

  • High-volume on-site and return-to-depot rework
  • Rework facility
  • Reverse logistics management
  • New product technical support and consultancy
  • Electronic sub-assembly
  • Product testing facilities

Call us on 02 80056018 or send us a message to obtain further information or simply contact us for your servicing needs, we also specialize in reverse logistics consulting.