Computer & Electronic Equipment Cleaning Service

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When it comes to dedicated computer equipment , whether it may be related in the industrial, medical or office field, spotless, dust-free electronic equipment are crucial to prevent the possibility of system failures. At SPLTech We offer a dedicated cleaning program to create and maintain the optimum working environment for your equipment.

One of the most common problems that computer users face is having their computers crash. Crashing can be caused by many things, but one of the most common is system overheating. With computer processing power increasing, larger and more sophisticated fans are used to contain CPU temperatures, this in terns ends up acting as a small but powerful vacuum cleaner that is on all of the time.

Even though the equipment does not move around the room, it manages to suck up every speck of dust, dirt, hair and smoke particles from the immediate vicinity.† Worse still if these machines are exposed to industrial (warehouse or† computer controllers), medical (hospital computer stations) or external environment area's (such as sophisticated vending machines) they will have a higher percentage of failure. As the air flows though the computer (from inlets in the front to outlets in the back, all of that material gets deposited on the internal parts of the system.

The result of this action can be seen in the picture below.† Once you open the machines, the problem becomes obvious - years of buildup can cause the system to overheat and, freeze, hang, lock up, crash, and blue screen.

At SPLTech we can are arrange to provide a complete cleaning service for all office computers which can be arranged out side of normal working hours to have min down time to your company or Government department. A customized preventative maintenance will save your company money† and time and reduce the possibility of your equipment breaking down and most importantly reduce the cost of buying new equipment.

All internal electronics are vacuumed and hand wiped, including equipment, racks, high-level infrastructure Anti-Static surfactant solutions is used in every phase of our cleaning process, SPLTech will then prepare service reports.

We provide programmed shutdown maintenance procedures for Server and Cabinet internalsí, a critical maintenance service that assists in reducing the risk of equipment failure due to dust contamination.

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