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Every business office relies on them: printers, scanners, fax machines, copiers. We assume office equipment will be up and running, but when it doesn't, the results can be devastating. "Downtime of any duration, whether for equipment failure or a simple toner cartridge change, reduces productivity and eventually, profitability. Taking advantage of a custom preventative maintenance contract can cost half as much as service purchased on an as-needed basis. Too often, office and professional business machines are the victims of delayed maintenance, which can cost a company big bucks down the line.

CUSTOMIZED SERVICES: Not one person is alike and the same thing goes for businesses, With SPLTech we can customize scheduled maintenance services to match your unique needs. Perhaps you have an item that requires regular cleaning, testing or alignment such as high end scanners, photocopiers, Fax machines, Printers, network switches or client & server computers - we can advise the best possible intervals for maintenance and fix the price so you can accurately budget your future maintenance expenses.

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